Shift CTRL is focused on finding the digital marketing solutions that are most likely to meet our client’s business objectives. From establishing a new brand to building an existing one. From driving brick & mortar sales to starting an e-commerce business, Shift CTRL is here to construct a plan and execute it into fruition.

Successful digital marketing activities require a full understanding of a business model and it’s variables. In order to provide effective solutions, Shift CTRL immerses itself into a client’s business. We ensure that we have a solid understanding of all the shifting elements. This allows us to make objective recommendations and construct strategies accordingly.

The Digital Sphere is entering a phase where we are able to use real metrics to track progress and effectively manage and test protocols. This applies to Social Media, E-Commerce or your Website.We also know that works for one business won’t necessarily work for yours and pride ourselves in finding a solution that matches your budget and performance expectations.



From managing your content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other relevant social networks – we can help with creating engaging content strategies, executing them into individual posts and making sure those posts are published on time, every time. And as we know Digital Marketing has the unique ability to track everything – so we then report on our successes and failures and change our strategies to make sure you get the most out of your posts, every time.


We know that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) isn’t just one thing, it is the culmination of many. We keep abreast of the latest changes from search engine algorithms. We do this to make sure we are equipped to keep our client’s websites ranking for their relevant search phrases, from a technical and a content perspective. Because there are many external factors that influence how well a website performs on Search Engines, this job never stops. Building a once off website isn’t enough anymore, websites needs constant attention and tweaking to really deliver.


Digital advertising is highly targeted and precise – we do not spray and pray. We drive clicks where it counts. If you are an online retailer we drive sales. If you are a brand looking for awareness we drive impressions.  If you are looking for sales leads we find and sift those for you. No single advertising strategy and budget work for all clients. We work with you to understand your capacity to deliver and build a budget and appropriate strategy with you.