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Pins & Needles is a custom sewing and tailoring business based in Randburg, Johannesburg. Their service offering is compelling and it was important to build a website for them that reflected their style and their service offering in an environment where business and communication is mostly controlled by franchised corporate businesses.

The Pins & Needles website had to set them apart and had to allow for them to grow in future, making each segment on the site modular and easy to add new sections as the business expands.

Since the initial website was developed we have added some additional informational sections. It continues to provide a steady stream of business to Svetlana and the team at Pins & Needles.

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When I was looking for someone to build a website for my new business, Shift CTRL was recommended to me. The website was done according to my spec and preference as to the general look and feel. It was done quickly and with enthusiasm!
Since then website proved to be one of the most powerful means of drawing customers to my business!
I have also received complements from my customers on my website, I had not even realised that your website is telling story about your business – but it is obvious if you think about it!!

Svetlana Mukumba
Owner of Pins & Needles