Now once you are happy with your quotation you will need to start prepping all your files and images. We’ve made this document to help you cross items off the list of your website requirements which we will need to create something incredible for you.

Website Requirements
Frequently Asked Questions

How should I name my images?

As mentioned before images are vital to not only successful SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaigns but also to a website’s appearance. That being said if images are not named correctly they can also detract from these purposes.

We usually recommend using the following naming convention

Brand Name | Page Name| Image Description | 01.jpg

  • Brand Name refers to your site’s name which is usually your business name. If your business name includes a (Pty) Ltd you don’t need to include that.
  • Page Name refers to which page your image needs to appear on, so if it needs to be on the contact us page that section will say Contact Us
  • The image description is exactly what it is – you can use 1-5 words to describe what the image is.
  • The number at the end is only there if there are many similar images of the same object.

What size do my images need to be?

Images are vital to not only successful SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaigns but also to a website’s appearance. That being said if images are too large or not compressed properly they can also be detrimental to those exact things.

We recommend that images should be:

  • No larger than 1MB each
  • A maximum width or height of 2048px
  • Images should be in RGB colour mode – in other words you can not simply used your images that were prepped for print in CMYK. If you upload a CMYK image to a website the colour may seem slightly off depending on the processes applied to the image.
  • A minimum requirement depends on the image in question – it is important that the image is legible and not pixelated at 100% of it’s size.

How should I prepare my page information?

You can use this document to provide your page copy in. Click here to download the sample file.

If you cannot provide your copy in full sentences please try to make bullet points – we can then turn those into web friendly sentences.

Note that each page needs a minimum of 300 words.

How should I prepare my product information for an online store?

Please use this spreadsheet to prepare your product sheet. It is important to complete this sheet as fully as possible as we will not be able to accurately upload your products without accurate information.

Note that the long product description needs to be at least one decent paragraph. A clear and descriptive product description is very useful to both website visitors as well as for Search Engines such as Google trying to understand what your product is even if they cannot ‘see’ the pictures.

To download the spreadsheet please click here.